MOUNTAIN BIKE ACTION Magazine, August, 2009 issue 



Keep your bike from rolling away

We laughed when we first saw this product. Then we used it and stopped laughing.

Tech features: The Bike Brake is a rubber band that slips on your handlebar. When you want to set the parking brake, you pull the band over the brake lever. It is available with six different color highlights to match your bike. The Bike Brake sells for $2.99 (postage included) from

After the Thrashing: This is a simple product that gets the job done so effotlessly you'll wonder how you ever got along without it. How many times have you leaned your bike against something, turned your back and heard a crash. The Bike Brake eliminates this gut-wrenching experience. We became addicted quickly, using it while pumping up tires, checking the suspension settings and every time we leaned the bike against anything. The wrecking crew, being the cheapskates that we are, cut up an old tire tube to make our own Bike Brake. Didn't work. It rippied easily. was too thin and needed more fussing than it was worth. Hey, we are only talking about $2.99. We already know what our favorite Christmas stocking stuffer is going to be for 2009. If you get one to try, we will bet that you'll be back to get one for every bike in the garage.

Pess Release:

November 3, 2009

Bike Brake announces the parking brake for your bike.

             In September 2009, Bike Brake introduced their new bicycle parking brake for use on bicycles not equipped with kickstands. Designed with a low profile to remain on the grip, it is durable, lightweight, and un-obstructive. Bike Brake features two grab tabs to easily lift and extend around the brake lever to keep the front wheel from spinning, greatly stabilizing the bicycle when stood upright. Now available in nine colors Bike Brake fits both road and mountain bikes.

            “Bicycles are very expensive and there is always the potential for them to fall when temporarily parked. This can scratch the bike or often the car it rests against.” said Kendall Kelsen, President of Bike Brake. “It takes less time to apply the Bike Brake than to attempt a good bike balance. You can be confident your bike will stay in place.”

            Bike Brake can be used when preparing for a ride, taking a break, performing maintenance, or storing the bicycle. There is also a theft deterrent factor when the bicycle is unattended. Bike Brake is distributed through Paceline Products and can also be purchased online at

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